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Thursday, June 14, 2012

She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain...

I promise I didn't get lost in the Rocky Mountains.

I saw a lot of gorgeous stuff (photos at the bottom of the post). That I wouldn't have seen otherwise, but I'm so happy to be back in Oklahoma.  Summer here is just magical.  And our tomatoes are kickin' ass. (and our okra, beans, squash, herbs and peppers...).

My internships have turned to 1 internship because of multiple reasons.  I'm an intern at Oklahoma Toda Magazine and I love it, the people there are some of the wittiest, oddest and welcoming people I've had the chance of working with.  (and they're not even reading this).

I'm also starting a goal to post once a week, at least.  I'm learning a lot about the food scene in OKC and how really, really cool and trendy it is.  Which was a surprise, even to me.  I knew we had food trucks and stuff, but there are some restaurants here doing things that NYC is doing.

Also, there's a chance we may become the next Austin, TX" (which I would love.  Have you seen the food trucks there ran by the Pros?) Here's the article.  Go read it.

One last thing.  The OKC Thunder are making their first-ever apperance in the NBA Finals.  If you're a Thunder fan, I want to know! I love this team, and I'm pretty sure a vast majority of the state feels the same.

This is after about 6-ish hours in the car.

Rocky Mountains

Grand Teton Mountain Range

Best Cafe au Lait I've ever had. Jackson Hole, WY at a place called Dolce

They bought buffalo skulls.

Yes, that is snow.  It is actually the makings of a blizzard that shut down the mountain passes.

Calamity Jane & Buffalo Bill's graves in Deadwood, SD

I'm not pregnat.  That's the wind making my shirt puff out. 

Yep, we turned back around and got this photo because it was dark when when came through the first one.
Antlers at Jackson Hole, WY

I look like a jackass with my MK bag & Chacos but this is around Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

This guy jumped in front of the truck on our way out of the park (4 hour drive).  

Also spotted on our way out of the park, there were babies everywhere! So cute!

Homemade donuts in Jackson Hole (from top to bottom: powdered sugar, cinnamon-sugar, glaze) with raspberry compote, original glaze and chocolate sauce to dip.  Also at Dolce.

Yes, that is a bear just chillin'

Somewhere between Colorado & Wyoming

Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Road Trips...

Hey y'all!

I'm not dead, I'm just on a road trip from Oklahoma to Yellowstone, through South Dakota & back again. I just thought I'd do a quick post to ask is there anything I should do while I'm in this neck of the woods? It's still winter here, and it's been snowing a lot. I've taken a lot of photos and am eating enough to feed a small army. I'll post all about it after I'm safely back in my sweet Oklahoma.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Beautiful as a rose & deadly as a fiddleback

I've spent most of my life living under a thunderstorm (aka: T-storm) warning, wind advisories and tornado watches.  Yes, growing up in the smallest county is southern Oklahoma has taught me many things.  I watched in horror at a young age on the small TV in our living room the destruction of May 3rd, and cried when my mother put my sister and I under a bed in our back bedroom of the small, brick farmhouse because the hail was so bad the windows were being busted out.

Although I've never been in a tornado (to the best of my knowledge), I have been in more close calls than I care to count.  Just last summer a mile down our road, houses were leveled and trees stripped of bark. A few weeks ago I spent a Friday night in the basement of a sorority house with my dog. This time of the year is met with such uncertainty.  Yes, spring in Oklahoma is as beautiful as a rose and as deadly as a fiddleback.

The funny thing is, we don't really have a summer here.  I guess it's not really funny, just a fact that you learn to live with.  Our winters are bordered with a few good weeks in the fall before it turns a kind of bitter cold that makes everything look sad.  The good weeks in spring are breathtakingly beautiful where the red earth gives way to the vivid green of grass and budding trees.  Then, the warmth drips away with a hot, humid wind and an unstable atmosphere.  It's during these fleeting weeks that make the rest of the year---the bitter winter and cruel summer--bearable to be here.

As I am making sun tea on our porch (to the shock of my roommates who think I'll get sick from it not being in the icebox) and avoiding studying for my finals I feel as if this summer will feel unsettled.  I have a little more than 20 credit hours left of my undergrad career, and two internships that I'll be doing this summer.  Something about this weather makes me lonesome for the lake and for my grandmother's house that is cool and dark even during the hottest of summers.  I guess this is growing up, isn't it?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Time


I just have to write a quick post that has nothing to do with food or drinks & everything to do with my summer plans.

I applied to a handful of internships and two were probably my *dream* internships that were available in-state.  I interviewed for both and actually got offers from both.  I have decided to do two internships at once! One is for a talent agency and another is for a magazine.  Between the two I will gain experience in event planning, media relations, designing, research and editing.  I'm so excited! I can't wait for May to get here so I can start!

Which means...I'll be eating out around downtown OKC quite a lot, so gear up for some restaurant posts this summer.

Okay, just wanted to share the good news.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Porn

Pecan Butter.

This might as well be food porn.  Well, for me at least.

I love butter, it makes everything tastes better.  Pecans are also my go-to for any nut-related addition in any recipe regardless of what it calls for.

Did you know that they make something called pecan butter? Me neither.

A few weeks ago my mother and I were at a craft show and saw a booth giving out free samples. So of course we had to try it.

And it was worth every blessed calorie.  (There's almost 200 in 1 ounce).

We ended up buying a large jar or crunchy toasted pecan butter and I couldn't believe that no one had thought of this before. (SouthernLiving, if you're listening you need to do a story on these people!)

Zigelmeier & Co. are the people behind this great idea.  They are also located in a little town in southern Oklahoma called Ada.

Besides tasting amazing (seriously though, this and apples are there greatest invention ever) it actually contains more nutrients and healthy fats than peanut butter. Which makes the high-calorie content feel a little better to me.

You do have to refrigerate after opening and it does have quite an odd constancy.  It's not super thick, but it's not thin.  It's a little on the runny side, but that's only obvious if you have the crunchy version because then you notice if you're getting the wonderful toasted pecan pieces.  The taste is sweet (think a warm-nutty sweet).  I think it's a really cool alternative to almond or peanut butter.

You can purchase off of their website or from retailers (there's a very long list on the website).  And if any of you are religious they have a pretty good message with their product, but I bought it for the taste.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Towanda! Righter of Wrongs, Queen Beyond Compare!

Besides having some of the prettiest sunsets you've ever seen, Oklahoma is home to a leg of Route 66.

There are a handful of famous restaurants and tourist attractions, and to be honest I have never really gotten into the whole "Route 66" thing.  But, one place that I have gone (recently) is Ann's Chicken Fry House. 

They don't have a website.  They don't take credit, debit cards or checks.  But they do have a pretty traditional "Americana" menu.

Entrance at Ann's Chicken Fry House
And a pink Cadillac out front, and an old police care and a menagerie of other classic '50s decor...everywhere.

A signed Beatles the ladies' restroom.

Our tabletop.  Every brick in this place is signed.


There was also a signed guitar by Def Leopard and a million other things.  My dad was exited about the fried squash but when we arrived we discovered a treat was now on the menu: Fried Green Tomatoes. 

They come in a basket with a sort of mayonnaise-y ranch-y garlic-y sauce for dipping.  We also put a healthy amount of Tabasco sauce on ours. 

Another menu item that Ann's is famous for is their chicken fried steak and gravy.  I was only aware of this after the fact from reading reviews on my Urbanspoon App (I highly recommend it, btw).  So my dad and I both got the cheeseburger baskets. 

The cheeseburgers were good, but it's kind of hard to mess that up.  The service was nothing to write home about.  It was seat yourself, and you're kind of at the mercy of your waitress.  And they don't have Diet Coke or Sweet Tea (what's up with that?). But, other than that it's worth the stop in just to look at everything in there.  And they get major cool points for having sides on the menu like black-eyed peas.  


Does anyone know what the title of this post is all about?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oklahoma Wine

Now, I know Oklahoma has a bad reputation for being a culture-less wasteland as far as many things go.  But here's something that I was flabbergasted about: our vineyards & winemakers.

I am not a wine snob.  I don't enjoy super-dry, super-expensive wines from places and people that I can't pronounce.  But, I do love good wine.  My favorite used to be Relax, a sweet Riesling.  But on a whim I purchased a bottle of Mistletoe Sweet Red by Land Run Vineyards & Winery because it sounded good and the lady helping me had spoken volumes about it.

I was skeptical.  A sweet red? Most are blackberry flavored, especially wines from Oklahoma.   But I brought this bottle over to my boyfriend's house to share with him and his parents and everyone loved it! Even my boyfriend and his dad finished their glasses, which is saying something.

So I did a little research and the vineyard is located in El Reno, Oklahoma. Here's a little video with some information about the winery:

Besides the anchor getting drunk and the pregnant lady doing an interview about the wine, the video is pretty good.  But I am in love with this company.  All the wines are priced between $10-$15, are named after Oklahoma state symbols (yes, including a sand bass) and their website has really great information about pairings.

They have wine tastings on the 1st Friday of every month in the Paseo District in OKC, and I am going to try and make the next one.